Oil Changes

By following the oil change and fluid replacement schedules that Nissan recommends, you can avoid problems in the years ahead.

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Prevent Premature Wear and Tear: Change Your Fluids

Your vehicle’s oil and other fluids play important roles in lubricating moving parts, maintaining optimal internal temperatures and simply keeping your car in top operating condition.

The Benefits of Routine Fluid Maintenance

  • First of all, most vehicle warranties are based on owner compliance with the recommendations for changing fluids on a regular basis. If you fail to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, you could wind up voiding your warranty. Manufacturers set those recommendations because they know following that specific schedule is what’s necessary to keep your vehicle in top running shape as well as prevent more serious problems in the future.
  • Over time, tiny particles can begin to collect in some fluids or fluids can begin to break down after a period of use without being changed. That means the fluids won’t work as well in preventing damage to your vehicle’s major components, like the transmission, engine or brakes. Having fluids changed on a routine basis ensures these fluids remain at the recommended levels of viscosity to keep part running smoothly and prevent premature wear and break down.
  • Having your vehicle’s fluids replaced as recommended can also result in fuel savings by reducing friction inside your engine and in other moving parts.

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The right oil makes a big difference

Your engine depends on the right kind of motor oil (or engine oil) to avoid damage that can have a direct effect on your vehicle’s performance and life. Fresh oil significantly reduces friction inside the engine so all parts can move freely and without causing overheating or excess wear. That’s why it’s essential to use the right kind of oil during an oil change. In addition to selecting the right viscosity or thickness of the oil, there are three primary types of oil: Fully synthetic, semi-synthetic and natural (or mineral) oil. Each type of oil offers different benefits depending on your vehicle’s make and model, and your vehicle manual will specify which viscosity and which kind of oil your vehicle needs for proper function and performance. At Monroe Nissan, we use the right oil for your vehicle to prevent damage and maintain optimal function and performance for your vehicle.

When Should I Get an Oil Change?

Coolant, Transmission and Brake Fluids

Just as your motor oil helps keep your engine running smoothly and at optimal efficiency, your vehicle’s “other fluids” serve essential roles in keeping your vehicle in top performance shape and in preventing wear and tear that can lead to bigger, costlier repairs.

Coolant Keeps Your Engine From Overheating

Coolant helps keep your car’s engine at the proper temperature, preventing overheating that can lead to serious damage. You can check the coolant level yourself by looking at the semi-clear reservoir located to one side of the engine bay, near the radiator. Just be sure to check the level when the engine is cool to ensure a proper reading.

Transmission Fluid Keeps Gears Shifting Smoothly

Transmission fluid prevents excess wear and tear and damage-causing friction. Like your oil, transmission fluid passes through a filter designed to catch particulate matter so the fluid that enters your transmission stays clean. Keeping the transmission fluid and filter changed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations is important for preventing damage to the transmission. The fluid and filter should also be checked if you notice problems with shifting or other issues that affect the smooth performance of your car.

Brake Fluid Keeps Stopping Simple

Brake fluid plays a critical role in your braking system by “translating” the driver’s foot pressure to the brakes so the car can be slowed and stopped. Like other fluids, brake fluid can break down over time, and that means your brakes can fail – slowly or suddenly.

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Changing your vehicle’s fluids is one of the most important things you can do to protect your vehicle from damage, extend its life and prevent costly repairs. Monroe Nissan offers the highest quality services and repairs in the Charlotte area. To schedule your fluid check or for other service needs or questions, call Monroe Nissan today at 980-313-8400.

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